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Produced Exhibitions:

Salle De Ré
ception by Alexis Jamet & Manon Cezaro, Bogeys by Ramy Essam, Vila och Arbete by Hanna Tordai, Over The Fire by Jonathan Sendborn, Centrum För Fotografi årliga Salong 2023, Killing Time by Bráulio Amado, Collision by James Schrieber, Sara Sjöbäck, Isabel Theselius, Palle Anker, Alberte Skronski, Neon & Rococo by Josefin Eklund, Ingrid, Ebba Lindgren, Enter by Magda Lundberg, Palm of My Hand by Yasmina Karli Malmsten, Collages by Barbara Breitenfellner, Isabel Reitemeyer, Julia Åberg, We’re Sorry To See You Leave by Clara Ketter, Duality by Ljungmark & Farran-Lee, Flat Out, Flat Pack by John Molesworth, High Voltage by Isabelle Nilsson, Wear The Art by Ine Gyllensvärd, Eliza Biling, Daniela Doe, In-Transito by Futuro Berg Fredes, Connection x Vava Art Collective with 20 international artists, Make Your Transition by Martin Bryder, Paintings & Collages by Julia Åberg, Under by Linnea Romeling, Olof Grind and Johan Röing.

Produced events: Live Music, Artist Talk, Cinema Screenings.
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